Reviews of That’s the Way it Crumbles:

“If you’re the kind of person who shouts at the radio, this book is for you… a funny and fascinating read” – Rose Wild, The Times

“An acerbically witty and entertaining survey…  This whole book is a work of stubborn persistence, or resistance” – Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

“Engel’s book, short-tempered but consistently witty, does a useful thing. It makes us listen to what is coming out of our mouths and think seriously about it. Have a nice day.” – John Sutherland, New Statesman

“Highly entertaining” – Geoffrey Wheatcroft, The Spectator

“ Matthew Engel shows in this jaunty book, even the most pedantic Britons use Americanisms – words, phrases, pronunciations and spellings, but also that indefinable thing called cadence – 24/7” – Kathryn Hughes, The Guardian

“Typically erudite… entertaining history” – Tim Adams, The Observer